Reboldi Fonderie – located in Castegnato (Brescia) – is specialized in aluminium casting since the year 1961: gravity, low pressure and die casting, finish with machining are our core business.


Reboldi is able to offer their clients the complete cycle for a finish part: casting, core removal, cut, deburring, heat-treatment, sandblasting and  machining.

Quality has always been an important issue for the company. Accurate inspection, total control of the production process and 100% check of final products are the three key targets of the quality department activities, that include spectrometric and metallurgical analysis, thermos analysis, radioscopy, hardness and dimensional controls.

We also supply prototypes made in sand or through rapid prototyping, in collaboration with client and supplier.


Production is mainly directed to the mechanical industry, from automotive (gear boxes and transmission cases, pumps, housing collecting pipes, manifolds) to marine (motor transmissions, oil sumps, manifolds, shield fly wheels, bodies, brackets) from machinery (bodies, housings and covers) to earth moving equipment (housings, bodies, manifolds, brackets, oil distributors and oil sumps).

The foundry produced very high quality casting, aspect which really makes the difference in the industrial worldwide scenario and finds in Reboldi’s team a competitive and reliable partner for developing complex and challenging components.

Parts are supplied to our clients both raw or raw and machined, lack tested, painted and assembled.


This is the success of Reboldi’s team and its customers.

Reboldi Fonderie considers its 50 employees the main asset to manage all activities.

The company operates according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.



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