Reboldi Fonderie has a melting furnace for each aluminum alloy, that guarantees high quality material, to send to the holding furnaces after a degassing process.

Aluminium casting

Gravity casting area has automized, semi-automized and manual isles and we are able to produce high quality parts, from 500gr to 80kg.

Gravity casting

Low-pressure area has LMP automized isles and we can produce component from 500gr to 100kg.

Low pressure part

High pressure area is well organized with completely automized isles, from 400 to 1000 tons.


Other production areas are:

– core removal;

– cutting area with automatic machines;

Automized cutting area

– deburring;

– rubber and shot/sand blasting;

Sand blasting machine

– final check.


In the machining area we do machining with CNC machine and power lathe. We also do washing, lack test, marking to guarantee the traceability and assemble.

Centro di lavoro orizzontale

Tornio motorizzato

Leak test area

Thanks the very well organized structure, the company is able today to adapt required volumes in shortly times and in efficient way.

Automatic process together with lean organization allow us to offer our clients the maximum flexibility.